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My World, My Paradise


I see that you have stumbled upon my website, Welcome! I want you to just sit back and relax as you enjoy reading the wonders of my life.

Explore the world of life with me, would you? Create happy memories with me and be an inspiration to everyone, to be a voice that no one has ever heard, and to be a part of a world that many others want to belong.

What are you waiting for? Come on in. Explore. Relax. Enjoy. Read On.

Love Always,

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Let them know, what they want to see

Life is Nothing but a beautiful, Extra-Ordinary world to live

I love to write, paint, draw and sit by my window and compose a poetry that comes from within the heart. I have a vlog channel, where I do films of my poetry on YouTube and I also write stories on a site called, Wattpad. 

On this site; you will learn many things about me, things that I have not yet told anyone in my life, things that are my deepest darkest secrets, and things that I had experienced in life. I want to be a voice and share my life experiences with all of you, hoping to inspire and relate to many people in the world.

I am someone who holds on to hope, no matter how big or small it may seem, I still hold on to it because I believe in all positive things life has to offer. Life is short to doubt, to fear, and to question when tomorrow will come. I just allow myself to simply live on with all the challenges and obstacles that I face in life, hoping to surpass the storm in the end. I like meeting new people and talking to them. I also love to travel around the world, I have big goals and dreams in life that I want to achieve someday.

I want to live every moment of my life and not wanting to wake up by telling myself, “I wish I did that” because life shouldn’t be lived in regrets, remorse or guilt. It should be lived freely the way you want it to be, even if things don’t end up the way you want them too. Life will always have a better option for you.

With Love,

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My Little World of Secrets

This is a page where it’s filled with my life from secrets of past life, darkest fears and worse nightmares that I’ve experienced in life. I’ve been through the hells of life and I never knew when I was able to get out. Therefore; I’m hoping that few of these stories will inspire or relate to many of you.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.