Through the Winds

“What winds carry, we may not see but only feel”


Searching for myself isn’t the easiest part, I strive long enough to succeed in my goals and dreams. Yet, how come I still fail? I fail to please people all the time, I fail to be loved at times. I sometimes fail to get the person’s attention to hear me out and understand how I feel. Every step and trials that I’ve overcome this past couple of days wouldn’t be without those people, however; not everything in life is what we expect them to turn out. Happiness still gets taken away from you and you never know when it will come back. Just like a bird that soars from its nest, high above the sky and mountains, through the forest and meadows; I’m just like that bird or at least I used to be.

I never had an easy life, in fact, life isn’t even easy at all! We face so many challenges every day and the question is for how long do we have to wait until it’s over? I searched for that hope of ‘happiness’ in my life for such a long time, yet maybe it isn’t the right time. The sign of feeling so happy that you could soar yourself through the winds, feel the morning cool breeze at 5.A.M in the morning and that nostalgia air you would feel during a romantic dinner date in one of Paris Cafe. That feeling lifting up from your chest… That’s joy! The emotion where we express from others, a feeling where you belong to a place.

They say the winds carry out your wishes, often times they are the messenger of happiness, but not all. Winds carry out storms, and you sit by your window only waiting for it to pass. You see, life goes by like the wind, we never know how fast it went because we can only feel it and never see. The winds are one of the most powerful elements of nature because it can create a storm of destruction. However; many say that the beautiful things that created nature, started from things that were once destroyed and it led to a “Beautiful Disaster.”


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