An Epic Love Story

My love story was PERFECT. No erase.! 

My love story was the GREATEST love story ever, but along the way it changed me as a person and I did not realize it affected many, I fell in love so hard and hit the ground 10x harder.. It hurts. 

It hurts because I couldn’t do anything to stop myself from letting him go, it’s the biggest regret in my life that the world had to offer but I know it’s for the best. We lack understanding each other and he always does what he wants and he thinks it seems good for him… To be honest , I allowed that to happen because I cared, I love him, I cherished him.. But I was hurting too.. It killed me and I didn’t know which way to go.. My heart hurts to a point I couldn’t breathe.. I felt so trapped inside a box and the only air that kept me breathing was my own.. I loved him.. So much that it hurts!

When I saw the people leaving in my life, especially those who were there first; I didn’t realize the pain hurt me until now.. It hurts to be alone.. It hurts to have someone like him be the reason to why you cry.. It hurts to watch the person you LOVED so much leave your life.. It hurts to hear someone say, they can’t wait for you because they got tired you not putting an effort.. There’s no consistency in it.. He’s right! Sometimes I’m the type who never figured things out from the start until it was too late…

If you’re reading this; 

 I loved you! I did! 

But you never understood me.. All I ever asked was one simple thing, but you chose them over me.. It’s ironic how our lives are the same thing .. I chose them over you as well.. I was always afraid but at the same time.. I needed you to know that it hurts me to see you like this, it hurts me to put you in that much pain.. Because I needed to free you from the pain I surrounded you with.. I’m sorry if I hurt you too many times! I know how much you loved, cared for me and I’m sorry if I lacked all of those from you! But know this, I never once forgot about you! There’s not a day in my life that I regret being with you! You’ve taught me so much and so much more life has had to offer me.. You helped me get back up and soar again.. 

Thank you for the smiles, the happiness, the laughter and all the memories you’ve shared with me.. I may not always be there for you or may had never been there with you for the past couple of months … But you still have my heart for the rest of all time! I know I cost way too much damage already and I don’t want to add more but last but not the least, I LOVE YOU.. I always will and have, I’m sorry! 

Farewell. ❤



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