Good Old Bourbon 

” There ain’t enough Bourbon In Kentucky for me to forget you. There ain’t enough matches I could strike to set afire the memory of you. There ain’t enough bottles I could break to make me feel as broken as I do. Stack up every barrel since the day it was made, satisfaction guaranteed to kill the pain, but there ain’t enough kisses from a stranger. On a long wild night to make it alright…” 

Hell to the rest of the world; Driving at Highway 61 with a bottle of Bourbon on one hand and as we drove the night away in the city of New Orleans. 

Throwback to those moments when we laughed so hard, made silly jokes and talked about the future together while drinking a glass of good old Bourbon. 

Wherever you are; I hope life is treating you with a basket full of happiness, a life where you’re finally free and alive. We had a perfect and crazy moment together,  memories that will never fade and only with time it will be a portrait of a story worth to share. 

To a life, To a new start and To a new beginning.

Cheers to that Good Old Bourbon. 

Xx Niina ❤🌹🥂


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