Short Stories of Poetry

Hey guys! Feel free to read on my short stories of Poetry on my Wattpad page. 

These stories are mixtures of emotional stories from being in love, hurt or lessons in life, and experiences of losing someone. A story that touches a person’s heart from within and to inspire others. 

As we all know that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner; let us celebrate together! 

For all the singles out there; just because were single doesn’t mean we can cry about it and live a day in life feeling bad and envious towards others who are In Love. Our time will come, even if its Valentine’s Day; there are still other things to do, like take a walk on a beach, hang with your best friends or go to a club and party like no tomorrow 😂 because who knows maybe the next person that walks in the door, might be the one. 

This Valentine’s Day; in love or not, give yourself a reason to smile. Enjoy life as little as possible because the smallest things that life has to offer are the best and precious moments to smile for. 

Take Care to All of You; 

Xx Niina ❤🌹


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