Tranquility, Wanderlust & Paradise 🌸

Time to pack my bags and leave, I feel the air I breathe.. I may not know where I am, but it feels like home and I move myself away. I want to travel through the distant waves and find safe grounds in your comfort. 

Travelling, getting lost in a country, exploring and having an adventure is my idea of FUN. I’m the type of crazy girl that would do anything to travel across the world, create memories and build a friendship with strangers. 

I want to take that chance, someday. To be able to leave signs all over the world telling the generation behind me that I was once there, not for attention but an inspiration of goal in life. That nothing is impossible if we set our hearts and minds to it. 

Some people bend the rules to get what they want in life, however; I believe that with a little drop of patience, hard work, and determination comes a successful person behind it. Life is a one step at a time, with every trials we face there are still going to be more and more rough edges and bumbs on every hill because those painful and tough situations are the things that makes us grow. It teaches us a lesson to fight and never give up. It allows us to strengthen our lives without having to regret a day when you wake up saying, “I wish I tried” instead it will allow you to say, “I can do Better and I will not give up.” 

Do not be defined by the smallest things in life, do not let others define you. You’re life is your own story book, you’re own journal and its in your hands to write the finishing chapters, not them but ONLY YOU. ❤

Xx – Niina 


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