Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air…Happy Valentine’s Day! First of all, I hate Valentine’s and I’m not a fan. 

Valentine’s day makes me cringe with just a thought of everyone posting a #RelationshipGoalsWithBae… please dont! 😦 

Honestly, Valentine’s for me is that awkward moment of lovey doovey stuff not because I experienced such a traumatic Valentine’s in the past, but also cause it just gives me the utterly cringe moments.. A moment where I see couples all over the street as I walk out my house. I see couples making out on bus stops, skytrain and even in front my house. Seriously? 

Not to be a Cupid Grinch, but Valentine’s is not my game. Its not in my card of Ace to play. 🌹 Although, I still celebrate it with a few friends by goofing of with Savage videos and Savage photos of ex’s but you know that’s the real FUN part. The part where despite after a break up, heartache, heartbreak and a bad relationship; you’re laughing about it instead of crying over them. 

I was finally able to push pass my life from moving on. I always thought that it was hard to get over someone, well it is hard if that love was real. For me, these guys I dated were jerks! Cheated, left me and two timed fuck boys…! No hard feelings, just finally able to forgive and accept. 

Valentine’s for me is about accepting your Ex’s mistakes and forgiving them and allowing yourself to move on about it. My lessons, my regrets and mistakes from the past are honestly something to laugh about now. It isn’t always about making memories with a special someone but its making memories with people that matter to you like; Family or Friends not just for ONE special someone. 

Anyways, with all the love and respect, I love you all and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!! 🌹🌹🌹❤❤ Stay Safe!! 

Xx Niina ❤


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