Mission, BC

Beyond and Over the mountains, a prayer is being heard as Sisters of St. Clare spends their days and time to pray for those wanting to be heard. 

Today was the day, I asked a Birthday request in order for them to pray for me, guide me and protect me from harm and any obstacle that comes to life. 

A sacred place, yet; calm and still as He hears me pray, Oh God please answer them for me and guide me to the light in life and pull me out from darkness. Keep me away from negativity and help me surpass every trial that life comes at me. Strenghthen me as a person to grow, love and be loved by others. I know that life is like a flowing waterfalls and that were the leaf that falls from the tree and gets carried away through the streams. 

Through these ancient-like buildings, it represents strength to me. As the Holy Spirit of the Lord guides me to live a life full of joy and happiness, I know that I can conquer any struggles, obstacles, and challenges in life.. 🙏🏻

Xx Niina 🌹


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