Road To 21

I’m finally going to be 21 in about a week! I can’t imagine that my life journey has been going really fast… It only felt like it was only yesterday when I was that girl who hid behind the darkness, who hid her pain through fake smiles, and someone who held her head high. Looking back to all the struggles, challenges and obstacles that I had to face in life; I feel like during those times I was always waiting for the next chapter in my life to turn. A chapter where I can smile, be happy again and live my life without anyone dictating me where to go or what to do.


As I take on the journey of being a leader and a role-model to young generations, I want to continue being an inspiration to people and be that girl who stands strongly behind her past and surpasses all the difficult trials in life. I know that I may not be the same girl as I was a few years ago, but I won’t let the past define me, I will not let anyone take me down.


I believe that the toughest routes and roads to pass through life are usually the roads that guide us to be the better and stronger person we are today. I deserve to be the better version of myself years ago. Someone who lives a life in full positivity, hope and someone who puts a better perspective at achieving her goals.

xX Niina ❤


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