Free As a Bird 

Love is like a bird, sometimes we won’t know where it lands or how far it reaches its destination. Often times, they soar high and lows to search for their Destiny. They travel miles and miles away to find the right one for them. 

What are the chances of finding the one? At coffee shops? Crossing the streets? At Work? OR perhaps, we had already met them somewhere along the way in our lives… I’m not a Destiny and Fate believer anymore as though I’ve crossed path with feeling heart-broken and betrayed most of the time in life. 

I made an oath to myself that I’m going to let the universe surprise me and let my heart beat to the right person while of course, using my head this time. I need to be stronger, wiser, and braver. I need to put aside my feelings and soar to my goals and dreams in life. Once, I had finally accomplished the things that life has to offer then its time for me to set free like the birds in the sky. 

Through the winds I soar, spread my wings and fly away, far from this place that I call home… Take me away to paradise ❤

Xx Niina 🤗🌹


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