Grave Stones

  ” It’s better to love and get hurt, than having to never experience what it is like to love…”


Life is too short and has endings, therefore; we should treasure every minute, second and hour that we have in this world and at any point, it can be taken away from us unexpectedly.

I ‘despise and hated’ him, I wanted him to disappear and leave me alone. I wanted him ‘dead.’  I guess it’s true when people say, “Be careful what you wish for” because it can come true at any time where you least expect it. It was hard to deal with a loss of someone when it was your own fault, it’s like every guilt and every pain comes flooding back towards you. Not to forget to mention that each memory that you remember and each flashback that replays onto the back of your mind feels like someone clawing on your back, ripping your chest out in pain and whispering to you how badly it felt to be hurt.

It was a night after my birthday, when he pulled a trigger to kill himself — He suicided. Just like that, my life went from star gazing to hitting rock bottom and having  to have myself endure the pain that was calling in the pit of my stomach. I watched him die in front of me. I watched him pull that trigger and all I could do was watch. I felt like from that very moment, I was the target and he was the trigger waiting to aim at me. However; I expected it to be painless but it was undeniably painful and unexpected.

life-is-so-unpredictable    You never know what life brings you, so when you still have the time and when you still can; do yourself a favour and don’t waste it. Life is too short, don’t live with regrets. 

If you love someone, tell them before it’s too late. If you hate someone, don’t drown in that hate but rather forgive even if it wasn’t your fault and if you are jealous over someone, don’t envy others too much to a point you lose your own pride. Never doubt yourself and always be confident. Be Kind, Respect Others and Stay True to yourself Always.

Here Lies the man I loved; under these Grave Stones, 
Covered in dead roses, my love for you preserves. 

Xx Niina


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