Picking up the pieces 🌹

Have you ever heard the sound of a basketball? The deep resurrounding sound as it bounces to the ground, the sound of the beat like wardrum as it falls flawlessly onto the floor.. Love is like that, in fact Love feels like that. 

I’ve finally kept my pace, I felt like I was running miles and miles over broken glasses only to catch myself bleeding several times. I never understood where I went wrong because I always kept thinking that, perhaps if I fixed what was broken it would get better.. I was wrong! Truth is, nothing was ever broken… nothing could be fixed because he already decided to let go and move on. 

It was never destiny, it was more like a serpent passing through a water under the bridge, pacing back and forth and all of a sudden it turns into a water creature that strikes back at you. 

Nothing is impossible, I chose to bury the past of yesterday and live on my life to be happy and free. It’s about time that I put the pieces back together and set it aside, it’s time to give myself a time and chance to smile again because that is what I deserve. ❤

Xx Niina 


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