A Beautiful Disaster

Loving you started from being strangers, we built stone walls to keep others from falling it apart, we set our paths into flames and sparks flew instantly. I remember the moments when we first met, the moments where our lips first touched and moments where we spent creating memories together. We built a future and a dream together, a promise to spend a forever.

As I close my eyes, I see you standing in front of me and I wanted to chase after you, I miss the constant messages, the corniness we had with each other and the moments where we had endless conversation from dusk to dawn… If only you knew I wanted to fight for you. 😓 There is not a day on my mind that goes by where I am not thinking of you. 

I miss your smile, your laugh, your concern, your love and most of all… I miss the way we used to be… I desperately wish to turn back the clock around and fix whatever mistake I did just to have you back.. I cannot deny the truth that I still love you. I always will. You’re the one that got away. 

It hurts to love someone knowing that they had left a question on your mind, “How do you move on knowing you still want them back?” OR “Why do we still chase the ones who chose to set us free?” 

Our love was like a dominant volcano that was waiting for Forever until oneday, she decided to errupt into someone that created a Beautiful Disaster… I know that we may never have had a Happy Ending or proper closure but I’m still here waiting… 🌹

Xx Niina ❤


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