Wildflower 🌼

They say our life is like a wildflower in the meadow, where the grass stays green and sways with the winds as the sunlight from the sun beams down reflecting the shine of dew drops on every grass. As that wildflower sprouts it will be like growing up and feeling lost to its surrounding, perhaps even looking for who they really are or where they belong. But the truth is, thats not important… What’s important is that they can survive on their own anywhere, despite whatever storm and heavy rain that may come in the middle, or having no one to take care of them, it wont give up easily to what nature strikes at them. 

I know that someday, I can make my parents proud of me… Despite of my rebellious acts and mistakes in the past, I promise to give them the daughter they had always hoped for. 

I know that I may never be the perfect daughter they see in me, but somewhere and someday my mom will understand me because I’m not giving up to fight for her to wake up and realize that I’m here and that I exist… I want her to finally say, “I am so proud of you”  because that’s how much I love her. I want her to know that I’m just like that wildflower who is still growing strong in the meadows and she keeps fighting to be discovered and waits for the day someone gives her a name that she deserves. 

Xx Niina 💐🌹


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