We’re starting over again, you know that moment where we no longer know where we both are heading and everything is all just a blur… Well I’m in that situation. 

In life we meet the craziest people; once who can fuel our hearts and empower us to do good, make ourselves proud or be inspired to motivate each other. That feeling of joy, laughter, and happiness are built by that ONE emotion, an emotion that feels infinite and it feels like anything is possible. 

Unfortunately, good things have a dead end. It has detours and broken bridges along the way that makes you want to take a U-turn but the saddest part is that Life has no U-turns because the past is permanently carved into our hearts. 

I define Happiness as a feeling of successful effort such as; an achievement. It is a feeling of an adventure towards the Present, Past, and Future. No one knows for sure what the dead end route of this road brings because sometimes Happiness is defined as a short obstacle that a person must overcome its difficulties in order to regain this. Happiness is unexpected, full of surprises, and its a road we never will have if we focus on NEGATIVITY. 

Smile and live your life to its fullest because dreaming is possible and when you want something in life all you got to do is, ASK and the universe will provide. 

” Savour those moments because the smallest and little things in life all add up in the end “

Xx Niina 🐾


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