This is Not Goodbye

This is a story of a girl who loved a guy that died from an illness of Stage 4 Leukemia, she was felt sorrow and lonely to the point she never knew what to do with her life. Until one day, he decided to show up in her dream and convinces her that she has a lot of opportunities in her life ahead and she shouldn’t look pass beyond it.

This short story film is available on Youtube. Please feel free to comment, like and subscribe to be uploaded on my vlog channel.

I am proud to say that with no experience in film and animation, I have accomplished to create this successfully and I couldn’t ask for anything else more. Cheers to that!

While creating this film, memories flooded back to me as I recalled my 10 years of playing Nexon America’s all time MMORPG – MapleStory. I had created and built my life in that world as a 10-year-old child and until this day, it has remained and will always remain part of my life. Despite the constant quits and giving up, there will always be something about MapleStory that holds me back from leaving and letting go. This game had not only taught me friendship, Long Distance Relationships, Hard work and Trials but most of all it had taught me the true value of Family.

Xx Niina ❤




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