1 Year with my Fur Baby

My name is King, I am a scottfold cat and my family rescued me from ending up in the shelter after my owner passed away from a Heart attack in a Senior Home. I come from several foster homes already and after several movements… I had found her.

 She is the greatest owner; loving, caring and loyal. I like to bite her softly, lay my paws on her lap, and often times I love to rub my head on her hands. Despite having an unknown thyroid problem, she never gave up on me… instead she took care of me and treated me more than just a pet but Family. 

Whenever she’s missing or not around, I’ll let out a piercing meow that sounds like a Baby crying or I go up to her bedroom door and scratch insanely because I miss her. She means alot to me. I love her ❤

Its Officially 1 Year since we had been together ☺️ and I want to say I am so blessed to have you in my life. I am so lucky to have you because you had given me an inspiration and motivation to live life in positivity. 

Thank you for the everyday laughter, entertainment and memories that we both created together. Our bond had not only grew stronger but it has become an inseperable bond together. 

My baby King, I wish you all the longest healthy life the universe has to give to you. I wish you more dreams of mouse chase and a life full of playfulness. 🐾

With Love to the readers; 

Xx King & Niina ❤🐯


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