My cat is no ordinary, in fact there are just strange things that science or nature can explain but let’s call it a gift. He sees things that I dont, its not scary nor something creepy but each time I’m with him; He’s protecting  me. 

As a cat, he acts more like a Dog. He’s someone who you can never outsmart because he’s clever enough to be a curious cat. Many people say, he’s different. He’s a cat with the greatest and sweetest personallity that makes you forget that he’s actually a cat. 

He holds the key to my heart, a precious jewel that only he could see through me. He’s wise enough to find me around the house and when he wants something, he rather scratch on my bedroom door than meow. 

 The most amazing part of being with King isn’t about having him as a pet but its where that bond comes along. I realize that he’s someone that makes me laugh, happy, and understands me whenever I’m sad. 

He’s also a cat that I could relate too because just like me, I have fears and He’s someone who’s afraid of his own shadow, ​a live mice, and things that chases him.

That will forever leave a memory of humour 😂🐾 I love you Bud. ❤ Thanks for the love and morning hugs you give to me 🐯 because you will always be my Special baby boo 🐾

Xx Niina 🐱🐯🌹


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