Confessions of A WildFlower 🌼

” With greatest fear, I am defeated and caused myself to retreat from the grudge I held inside… But then, He suddenly became the anchor to my heart.. ”


What’s happening to me? Why do I feel a piercing pain in my heart? The ones that feel like an arrow was aimed or pierced through inside… Why do I feel all this anger and hatred? Why am I always afraid of moving pass from the past? 

” There’s something about her that I must know, her heart may be filled with so much pain and holds a grudge of the past but what if… what if I could change that? I’m in love with her… I love you Katerina…” – Aiden/Jake

Who am I to say that she loves me back? Who am I to say that she will forgive me ONCE the TRUTH has been set free and who am I to make her Forget that pain when I myself cannot… How do I move on from the past myself? 

” Even if I told him that I love him… He’s in love with her… my best friend… someone who completes his world whenever she’s around. I am forced to watch them both be happy because I’m afraid of telling him how much I care and means to me.”  – Jenna

 Who am I to stand and watch? Who am I to simply cry over the person who doesn’t see my heart exist? Who am I to be in love with someone who loves someone else? I have no right to be jealous or to be mad. I rather watch the people I love be happy than get hurt. Allow me to endure all pain because I know I’m protecting myself from getting hurt… This fear of rejection

” Everyone in life is afraid of something. If you ain’t afraid, you’re not alive. I want to tell her the Truth about him, but I care too much and have the must to protect her from danger… she deserves better. I am selfish, I know but my heart beats for her… She loves him I can see that but what is love when you’re not willing to sacrifice happiness for yourself to protect the ones you love from getting hurt?”

 – Sammuel 

Where do I stand in this Love Triangle? How do I win her heart? What chances do I get? How do I make her see TRUTH in what is infront of her… I Love her… I’m in love with Katerina… She’ll never know as her heart has been blinded by someone else… It hurts and I’m angry… I want to keep fighting for her but I fear of losing her in the End. 

” There is no perfect life. Everyone has had a story or two to tell others that was either the best or the worse moment in their life…”  – Alexcia 

The world lacks humanity, its a cruel place to live… Drugs, rape, crimes and violence all lead to ONE addiction. Often times as I walk home from school, I was always afraid because I lived in a city where there was no Humanity. Why must we all not get along? Why must everyone fight? I have fears too… The fear of waking up one day to a world that is no longer a safe place to live. A world where no humanity is left. 

” Justice is served to those who NEVER deserved to die the way they should have… Her death…My sister’s death deserved more than Justice… Whoever that person was, should rot in hell ! ” 

– Tracey

Why am I always alone? Why do I feel angry at the world? Why do I do this to myself? Why push my friends and put the blame on them? This isn’t what I wanted… I wanted to let go of my sister’s death and live a happy life but how can I when I carry the REAL truth and that will always be planted in my heart… I want to forgive him for he is not at fault but apart of me is afraid of Forgiving… What if I end up alone and lonely for keeping Truth? 

” New beginnings. New Tides.  New Leaf. Old past, forever gone but never forgotten. We should all bury the past and leave it all behind at centuries ago…”  

– Byrone 

I know everything isnt Forever… I know someday there will be peace in this world too. I will do my best to protect everyone I love from harm, even if it means risking my life. I’m willing to take a bullet for someone… I just can’t stand watching myself lose someone again… 

– Stay Tuned for my WildFlower Maplestory Series on YouTube coming soon! – 


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