The Vampire Diaries

” It sure has been a hell of a ride that left me feeling Epic…”


Dear Diary, 
   I finally watched the last season of the TV series Vampire Diaries last night. I’ve spent my teenage life growing up with the show – from 8th Grade and through University. This show has not only been a part of me but it has been the greatest and most inspiring TV series that I’ve ever watched my whole life. I have to admit that I wasn’t ready for it to come to an end… I wasn’t ready for goodbye. 
171 Episodes, 8 Seasons and 8 Years… I am still processing my thoughts from everything after last night’s Episode. It was a beautiful ending… It made me felt happy and sad but above all, it was one hell of an ending that made me felt Epic. 

This show has not only gave me a true meaning of life, family, friendship and sacrifices but it has taught me so much to what our lives matter and the people who surround us are always going to be Family at the end of the day. 

I will always be Team Delena, Team Steroline & Team Bonenzo ❤

Thank You for the series of my life #TVD

This series will remain in my heart forever and will always be part of my life’s Epic journey… Heck! 

” I was Feelin Epic” 


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