Accomplishment 👌🏻

” We are all flowers that grows in the wild…That’s what makes us a WildFlower…”


I’ve finally accomplished writing the “Wildflower” season 1 script & I’m excited to put all the pieces together and create an epic story. I am actually more excited of how much I want this series to be a success because I had poured so much of an effort onto this challenge that I had pushed myself to do. 

I had endured endless, sleepless and tireful nights to make the story something viewers can relate too and I wanted it to be something I can be proud of. It’s not just my story… this is the viewers story too. 

This is an Animated film, based on maplestory characters and it tells a story about Revenge, Love, Betrayal, Forgiveness and Sacrifices… What does it take for you to RISK it ALL for that ONE LOVE? Is it Love or Forgiveness? OR Both? 

Don’t miss the season premiere coming soon to YouTube

Xx Niina ❤🤗

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