The Story of Us

I miss your smile, I miss the way you talk to me, and I miss your laughter… I miss your morning messages and the way we used to be. 

Why is it that until now, I’m still not over you? Is it because we never had proper closure? OR Is it because deep down in my heart; I still believe that we’d have a second chance together, somewhere in this universe… 

I loved you but why does it feel like its so hard to accept and forgive? Why is it that despite everything that we went through together, you still chose to hurt me? I want to know!! I want to know why? Why did you come in to my life and decided to walk away without saying goodbye? 

I know it has been awhile now but that pain that I felt, long ago…Somehow, still remains inside my chest like a heavy thorn that keeps pinching down my heart. No matter how many times I try to push you away from existence and to forget you… You’re still here… You’re still inside my heart… Fresh like it was just yesterday. 

I want to scream it to the whole world, to the whole universe and to the rest of the galaxy… I LOVE YOU… I STILL LOVE YOU… I don’t think I’ve ever stopped loving you. Those times where I always ran away from you; I wanted to approach you and hug you, I wanted to kiss you the moment you walked away from me… 

You were and will always be my Epic Love. 

The story of us had a beautiful beginning but an ending where it was left to be continued somewhere… I know that destiny somewhere will allow us to meet again… When that time comes, I want to be the one to say; ” I’m Sorry…” 


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