Fear of falling in Love

I am in love again;  in love by the way he talks, the way he makes me laugh and how he cosumes my heart with a love that makes me feel alive. He makes me feel that love has no boundaries and that age is limitless. 

Often times, love is worth taking every risks, chances, and sacrifices because when we love someone we’re willing to give them OUR all… Unfortunately, that’s where the fear of fallin in love comes to play that leaves a person fearing of losing that one person they love and the truth is; I’m afraid of losing you because I’m in love with you.

I’m afraid that a day will come and I wont be able to fulfill my promise to you… I hold on to the day to be able to hold your hand at night by my side, to take care of you, and to be the mother of your child and to grow old with you… 

I know that someday, that time will come and when it comes, I will finally be ready for you. You don’t have to wait for me and sit by the hour and wait for me to come home because my love will be by yourside each day. I Love You a thousand times! 

Hang In there, we’ll make it through this hell life together and when the time has finally placed peace infront of us and hope for us to be together again with no one pulling us seperate ways… I want to love you unconditionally, even if I know that I’m afraid to lose you. 

Xx Niina ❤


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