Truth Never Told

This is probably one of the hardest series I had to make on YouTube… A touched on story of my darkest past and darkest secrets that I am about to reveal in every chapter. 

*SPOILER* As the chapter increases, the deeper and darker each story goes as I root every Nightmare and plant it back to fresh soil… It’s tough and hard at the same time to have to put yourself outside the box and tell the story in your point of view, where NO ONE has ever knew or heard about…

I have decided to open up now, after being empowered and affected by the TV-series on Netflix ” 13 Reasons Why”, this story has not only impact me but it has lead me to recall the memories of my past in High School. This story has touched me, in a way that I felt the real pain of Hannah Baker and that we both were no different in any other way. I went through what she went through in High School. 

I believe that suicide is never an answer, never an OPTION and must be STOPPED… We all live in a cruel world where life is so unpredictable with signs that doesn’t seem to exist beyond our reach or perhaps signs that you don’t and cannot see because its not there… 

Come and visit my Youtube channel and watch my series premiere of “Truth Never Told” ❤❤❤ 

Xx Niina 


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