A Perfect Picture

They say a painted picture is worth more than a thousand words… 

So does rumours, and once it spreads it impacts a person feeling broken and defeated to a point she feels nothing left… But, what is it with this cruel world that we live in? What makes us monsters towards others? 

Is it because of the way we look? The way we talk? The way we act? OR just because its fun to create a story about someone and put it into a fantasy of laughter… To what extent does judging someone lead you too? Does it make you happier? Does it make you feel better than you already are? 

To anyone who watches my Series on YouTube…  I hope it changes your life and if you are a parent and has kids that are still going through high school or will go through high school… I hope that NONE of what I went through happens to your child or anyone in this world. 


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