13 Reasons Why

One…. Last…. Try…. That’s what Hannah Baker said on the last chapter of ” 13 Reasons Why ” 

The book by Jay Asher has not only captivated me by the authors empowering words… but it took me to a place in the story that made me view the real world differently… I could relate to so much in what was being said through Hannah’s point of view because someone like her, our stories were no different… 

The book/ series on netflix had not only gave me a better perspective in life but it gave me a reason to help someone and give someone a better push in life… Despite the failures I’ve caused others and lost friends from suicide… I found answers to why were often damage inside… 

Everything affects everything… no matter what we do or say, we never know what goes on in anyones life, when we ruin someone’s life; you’re damaging an entire person… 

– Hannah Baker

Thank You ! 

Please continue to watch my series, “Truth Never Told ” on YouTube ☺️

Xx- Niina ❀️


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