Happy Birthday 😓

You’re probably wondering to why I say it like that with a sad face… It’s his birthday today & I can’t believe I’m actually still wanting to say that… OR maybe I’m still wishing I could tell him that & hoping I could be the one celebrating it with him… Instead of HER… 

Patience is a virtue, they say! Its true and it is, now I know that… My life doesn’t go easy and free because the pain that was left untouched for a long time has re-opened into a fresh deep cut… Seeing him treat her so much better than he did to me makes me so jealous & angry… He seems so proud to look at her and claim her as his girl with no secrets to hide… But, not me! 

I’m always going to remain a secret to someone, to YOU! Loving you had questioned me in so many different ways that I could possibly have… I lost you to someone who you could have tried so much better on… But its your loss… not mine! 

Well Happy Birthday, I guess! 

Spend time with her, make her laugh, smile & treat her better than the way you did to me because I guarantee you, that happiness wont last FOREVER… You two will break up eventually… and when that day comes, I’ll be the happiest bitch alive… 

xx Bittersweet — Nina 


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