Time and Hope 

— Its like saying Destiny and Fate but reverse but only difference is its temporary & could be taken away from you… You’ve heard of the butterfly effect right? Where one small thing flutters into a big thing causing an effect… Hope is also defined depending on someone’s perspective in the situation they’re in, My situation however; is a little different… 

T I M E is never on my side, in fact it never has been and I know that I have such little time left to spend each day telling him how much I care and love him… 😔 Only a miracle can save him now & that’s where H O P E comes… But when we hope for things, often times were left with pain and in pain comes peace… Hope teaches us a lesson to survive and to keep F I G H T I N G… ❤️

These are just trials right? We’ll get pass through this storm, hang in there for me ok? I promise, EVERYTHING will get BETTER… 😓

Honestly; I’m like a golden compass with no direction right now, someone who has no idea where she’s headed for anymore and to which road will she ever go… For how long will it take her to get to the direction she’s headed for? I’m not ready… I just cant… 

Xx Niina ❤️


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