;Waiting Game 

We are all waiting for a miracle in our lives to happen, we’re always waiting for that one special moment and one unforgettable epic memory we want to happen in our lives but unfortunately, its not everyday we get to come across fate with whatever it is were waiting to happen. It’s not everyday that we get to live our life getting what we want and getting what we expect to happen or planned out… Life is full of surprises that often mislead us to a truth of pain. Sometimes, we tell ourselves that were okay when reality is were not and its okay to not be okay, its okay to feel scared and lonely at times but know this; YOU ARE NOT ALONE… I know I haven’t learn the meaning of ” Letting Go ” and I may never know because I never really want to say ” Good-bye” and I hate it… 
  So, under these blue skies and velvet horizons; I promise you always and forever but right now, I still need you by my side to help me fulfill a promise.. A promise I wish I could have kept to save you…

I know that you’re no longer here anymore and forever I’ll hold on to you as a memory in my heart that will NEVER fade. King, I miss you and I love you. Sometimes, I wonder how is this God’s plan for me… 😢

XX –Nina ❤️


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