;MapleStory VS League

There’s a difference between two of these games; One teaches you the ability that every challenge in life that gets repeated and may seem like its never-ending, you don’t give up. You keep going, until you reach a point where your goals that you’ve accomplished are the terminent end of your destination. 

For over 10 years of playing MapleStory, I learned that no matter how much you want to quit, leave and walk away from every stressful situation life has to offer you. In this game, it taught me that the harder you push yourself to dream, create and magnify yourself to success it will come true and that you’ll get there eventually. 

However; In league, this came taught me that life will always have consecutive challenges and it often feels like a battle with not just yourself but the whole world, sometimes it makes us scream and hit the end button. Unfortunately; I havent given up yet, Iam still determined to push and try harder & never surrender to every defeat because I believe that everyone of us will earn Victory in the end. 😊

Xx – Nina ❤️


4 thoughts on “;MapleStory VS League

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